portable crusher

Portable Crusher

Portable crusher is the latest development for rock crushing equipment and construction waste and other portable crusher is widely used in mining, coal mining, and construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other portable job site it consists of two parts crusher pumping stations and sub-machine split rupture composed by the output of the high pressure oil pump station, drive tanks, a huge thrust, driving the wedge in the group pulled out of the middle of the wedge forward, reverse wedge block distraction to both sides. Can not be divided according to the type of portable cone crusher, impact portable crusher and jaw portable crusher three types

Portable Crusher works:

Portable Crusher works:  Any object has its own characteristics, rock and concrete with high external compressive strength, tensile strength from the inside out is very small, and its resistance to cracking machine pressure and tensile strength is 100: 1 to 10 differences in the brittle state. Portable rock crusher and concrete seize brittle characteristics, the use of the wedge design principles - the most narrow bore outward to release the great rupture force.      

Portable crusher function crack rocks in a few seconds, safe, non-explosive, high removal efficiency is the best helper for your construction project. Broken machine has small size, light weight, easy to operate, safe, reliable, flexible, high efficiency, no vibration at work, no impact, no noise, no dust, split direction controllability, economical and practical features currently in mining stone and mineral mining and infrastructure is widely used especially in urban construction, river dredging, relief and rescue, demolition and other work barriers is an essential equipment.

Working Process

portable crusher Firstly, the object to be ruptured bursting machine specific diameter and depth of a drilled hole, the wedge will rupture machine group (an intermediate wedge and two reverse wedge) inserted into the holes, the middle wedge through the hydraulic pressure the wedge acts between the two reverse breakdown machine forward movement, is released from the inside out a great energy, an object to be ruptured in a predetermined direction within a few seconds cleave