MTM130X Series Strengthened Ultrafine Mill

MTM130X Series Strengthened Ultrafine Mill

MTM130X strengthen the superfine grinding machine is my company mill experts on the basis of market research, and statistical analysis of a large number of users use and recommend the mill at home and abroad, based on the original patent product -- MTM overpressure ladder mill on the innovative design of the new type mill. This machine is excellent to meet the customers for 200-33 m (80-425Mesh) fine powder production demand.

Detailed introduction

  • 1. High production efficiency
    The body and the base completely soft connection, no rigid contact, avoid vibration grinding cavity body, pass to analysis of the powder selecting machine, high precision.
    Analysis of machine adopts frequency control, than with the energy saving electromagnetic speed, speed control precise process control, good flexibility, high degree of automation. Using bypass powder collector, with dust isolation room, can make gas dust more through the bypass into the cyclone to reduce dust from the air outlet at the lower part of the escape of opportunity. Compared with the powder collecting device for general, bypass powder collector of low pressure loss, high efficiency of powder set, special powder particles to collect general powder collector to collect.
  • 2. The operation stability of high
    The base made of high strength, anti vibration crack ductile iron -- ductile iron has cast iron, cast steel vibration reduction performance of strength and good impact resistance.
    Using domestic imitation German Flender reducer, make full use of professional reducer manufacturers manufacturing technology advantage, to improve machine stability. The speed reducer and motor with a triangular belt transmitting power, is conducive to the overload protection.
MTM130X Series Strengthened Ultrafine Mill
Name & Model MTM130X
Ring roll number (pcs) 4
Major diameter of roller (mm) Φ410×210
Inner diameter of roller (mm) Φ1300×210
Revolving Speed (rmin) 103
Max feed size (mm) <30
Final size (mm) 0.074-0.038
Output (T) 1.8-6.5
Complete physical size (mm) 7390×9960×8245
Main motor Model Y280S-4
Power (KW) 75
Rotate speed (rmin) 1480
Induced draft fan motor Model Y280M-4
Power (KW) 90
Rotate speed (rmin) 1480
Classifier speed regulating motor Model Y160L-4
Power (KW) 15
Rotate speed (rmin) 1460 (Frequency converter speed control)
Elevator model TH210
Model Y100L2-4
Power (KW) 3
Rotate speed (rmin) 1430
Jaw Crusher Jaw Crusher model PE 250×400
Model Y180L-6
Power (KW) 15
Rotate speed (rmin) 970
Magnetic vibrating feeder Model GZ3F
Power (KW) 0.2

[ Feed size]: 30mm
[Capacity]: 1.8-6.5T / h
[Applications]: mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mining and other industries grinding materials processing. (More applications available online free consultation)
[Applicable material] : feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite, slag, slag, activated carbon, dolomite, fly ash, clay, bentonite, gypsum, graphite humidity 6% following the various fee flammable materials.

Working principle

The bulk materials by jaw crusher to the desired size, by the elevator will be the materials to the storage hopper, then through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder will even materials quantitatively and continuously into the indoor host grinding grinding. After grinding the material was fan airflow into the powder selecting machine grading, the powder machine impeller role, does not meet the requirements of grinding fineness material into indoor re grinding fineness, comply with the requirements of material with gas flowing through the pipeline into the cyclone powder collector, were isolated and collected, the discharging device is discharged into refined powder. After the flow separation by cyclone powder collector upper return air duct into the fan. This system belongs to the closed circulation system, and the positive and negative pressure condition.
Because the grinding room were grinding material contains a certain amount of moisture, grinding heat generation causes gas evaporation grinding indoor expansion and change the gas flow system, and the inlet and the pipe joint sealing problem, enter the outside air makes the system within the gas loss to balance, therefore, by setting the the air outlet of the blower and the exhaust pipe valve excess gas into the bag filter, and the discharged after purification, the regulating system flow balance while achieving environmental production.