MTM Series Medium Speed Trapezium Mill

MTM Series Medium Speed Trapezium Mill

MTM medium speed ladder mill is my company based on years of research and development of industrial milling machine, the introduction of the world first-class industrial powder manufacturing technology, organization of technical experts and related engineering personnel through improve the development of the world's leading industrial milling elaborate design, test and machine.

Detailed introduction

  • 1. High economic benefit
    Press spring with stable pressurizing effect improves milling grinding pressure, compared with the traditional equipment, increase about 40% of capacity. Equipped with high density can improve the precision of powder machine impeller powder selection, at a constant engine speed, improve leaf density can improve the fineness of the product, the same power under the product capacity is improved more than 50%. Equipped with high efficient energy-saving centrifugal fan, energy saving and improve the efficiency of induced draft fan.
  • 2. Equipment good stability
    The host, powder selecting machine, fan adopts the soft connection, reduce the vibration and noise, the damage at the same time to avoid resonance equipment, but also to avoid the influence on the quality of the finished product. With large inclined wind channel, ensure that enter into the wind in the volute wind can smoothly along the inclined plane is blown into the grinding chamber internal.
  • 3. Simple operation and maintenance
    Use convenient impeller adjusting device, which makes the gap size selected leaf powder machine and the end of the shell can be convenient to adjust. The device has the advantages of simple operation, one person can operate easily.
MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Mill
Name MTM100 MTM130 MTM160
Ring roll number(pcs) 4 5 6
Major diameter of roller(mm) Φ310X170 Φ410X210 Φ440X270
Inner diameter of roller(mm) Φ950X170 Φ1280X210 Φ1600X270
Revolving Speed(rmin) 130 103 82
Max feed size(mm) <25 <30 <35
Final size(mm) 1.6-0.045
fineness can reach to 0.038
fineness can reach to 0.038
fineness can reach to 0.038
Output(th) 3-8 6-11 9-22
Complete physical size(mm) 7100×5900×7900 9200×7250×9700 12550×5700×8355
Main unit motor Model Y225S-4 Y280S-4 Y315M-4
Power(kw) 37 75 132
Rotate speed(rmin) 1480 1480 1480
Centrifugal induced draft fan motor Model Y225S-4 Y280S-4 Y315M-4
Power(kw) 37 75 132
Rotate speed(rmin) 1480 1480 1480
Classifier speed regulating motor Model YCT200-4A YCT200-4B YCT250-4A
Power(kw) 5.5 7.5 18.5
Rotate speed(rmin) 125-1250 125-1250 132-1320
Elevator Elevator model TH210 TH210 TH315
Motor model Y100L2-4 Y100L2-4 Y112M-4
Power(kw) 3 3 4
Rotate speed(rmin) 1430 1430 1440
Jaw Crusher Jaw Crusher Model PE200×350 PE250×400 PE250×750
Main unit motor Y160M-6 Y180L-6 Y200L2-6
Power(kw) 7.5 15 22
Rotate speed(rmin) 970 970 970
Magnetic vibrating feeder Main unit motor GZ2F GZ3F GZ3F
Power(kw) 0.15 0.2 0.2

[size]: 25-35mm feed
[Production capacity]: 3-22T/h
[applications]: grinding processing is suitable for building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy materials, mines, thermal power, coal industry. (for more applications please online free consulting)
[material]: for grinding Mohs hardness below level 9.3 in all, humidity below 6% inflammable and explosive materials such as cement and mineral resources; (raw material and clinker, coal), talc, quartz, feldspar, mica, calcite, slag, limestone, barite, potassium sulfate, bentonite, etc. more than 1000 kinds of materials.

Working principle

The bulk materials by jaw crusher to the desired size, by the elevator will be the materials to the storage hopper, then through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder will even materials quantitatively and continuously into the indoor host grinding grinding. After grinding the material was fan airflow into the separator were graded in the powder selecting machine impeller role, does not meet the required material into the grinding fineness of indoor re grinding fineness, comply with the requirements of material with gas flowing through the pipeline into the cyclone powder collector, were isolated and collected, the discharging device is discharged for the finished product powder. After the flow separation by cyclone powder collector upper return air duct into the fan. This system belongs to the closed circulation system, and the positive and negative pressure condition.

Because the grinding room were grinding materials contain a certain water grinding heat generation causes gas evaporation grinding indoor expansion and change the gas flow system, and the inlet and the pipe joint sealing problem, enter the outside air makes the system within the gas loss to balance, therefore, by setting the the air outlet of the blower and the exhaust pipe valve excess gas into the bag filter, and the discharged after purification, the regulating system flow balance while achieving environmental production.