PEW Series Jaw Crusher

PEW Series Jaw Crusher

PEW jaw crusher jaw crusher is commonly known as the European version, is a new type of crusher is my company after traditional jaw crusher development. This product is the perfect combination of modern technology and production practice, more in line with the automated production needs of our customers.

Detailed introduction

  • 1. Stable structure and reliable performance
    Bearing seat with integral cast steel structure, to avoid unnecessary burden of two type bearing chamber for frame brings, enhances the stability of the whole structure. In addition, the eccentric shaft with heavy forging billet processing, make PEW series jaw crusher with exceptional reliability.
  • 2. V type tooth shaped guard plate structure
    "V" type of crushing chamber and the tooth shaped guard plate design more reasonable, ensure that the actual feed size and the theory of feeding size consistency, effectively increase the breaking area, the materials in the crushing cavity material blocking does not occur, the breakage rate and maximum output, improve the utilization rate of the jaw plate.
  • 3. Hydraulic control cavity cleaning and convenient
    Equipped with hydraulic oil station, ensure the machine lubrication system for machine lubrication needed parts supply, to provide guarantee for the safe operation of the machine. At the same time, if the crusher downtime under load, hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly clean up the crushing cavity, greatly reducing the downtime.
  • 4. Wedge device quick adjustment
    Using wedge discharge port adjusting system, makes the machine even in idling cases can also put the discharging port to a predetermined value within a few minutes, to realize the automation in the hydraulic system of cooperation, gasket, than the old style discharge port adjusting system is more simple, safe, fast.
PEW Jaw Crusher
Model Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PEw200×1000 200×1000 220 20-40 15-50 330 6-37 Y250M-6/37 1400×1850×1310
PEW250×1200 250×1200 220 20-40 20-50 330 6-37 Y250M-6/37 1400×2050×1310
PEW400×600 400×600 350 35-85 15-70 250 6-37 Y250M-6/37 1920×1460×1840
PEW760 760×1100 620 75-200 150-350 270 6-110 Y315L1-6/110 2600×2500×2200
PEW860 860×1100 720 100-225 200-500 240 6-132 Y315L2-6/132 3300×2320×3120
PEW1100 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 8-185 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×35600

[Feed size]: 150-930mm
[Capacity]: 12-650T / h
[Applications]: ore crushing, construction aggregate production, construction waste crushing, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway, railway, bridge construction and other industries.
[Applicable materials] : granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, river gravel, iron ore, copper ore, etc.

Working principle

Motor drive belt and pulley, the eccentric shaft to make the moving jaw before and after the swing up and down, when the movable jaw pushes the movable jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate movement, the material is crushed or split pieces. When the movable jaw and a movable jaw plate, back on the eccentric shaft under the action of the spring, has previously been crushed or split pieces of material from the lower jaw plate discharged. With the continuous rotation of the motor and the crusher jaw make periodic crushing and discharging material, realize batch production.