PE Series Jaw Crusher

PE Series Jaw Crusher

PE jaw crusher is mainly applicable to the metallurgical, mining, building and the railway sector, as the two jaw movement early broken, broken in the simulation of animal products, by moving the movable jaw and the fixed jaw two jaw plates of a motion to the material in the crushing cavity extrusion, rubbing, grinding crusher. Be used for The compressive strength in the 250MPa following the various ore or rock, high crushing ratio, uniform product size, low power consumption, the characteristics of convenient repair and maintenance etc.

Detailed introduction

  • 1.Good stability and high reliability
    The movable jaw assembly adopts steel castings of high quality components, heavy eccentric shaft also uses forging billet processing, all this makes the jaw crusher with exceptional stability. Other than the same specifications crusher, we adopt the more eccentric shaft bearing more durable, so it has higher bearing capacity, ensure its reliability.
  • 2.Advanced technology and long service life
    With world-class manufacturing processes, the use of digital components of advanced processing equipment, ensure the machine parts precision; selection of material for making the most high-end, greatly enhance the compressive resistance, wear resistance, and greatly prolongs the service life of the machine.
  • 3.Has the advantages of simple structure and convenient maintenance
    Through the improvement and optimization of constantly, in the guarantee to improve the performance of the machine at the same time, the structure of the machine is simplified. The whole machine is more easy to operate, repair is more convenient, shorten the repair time greatly.
  • 4.Good capacity big grain type
    The use of advanced crushing principle, make the products in the proportion of the cube is improved obviously, reduce needle flake stone grain level more uniform.
PE Series Jaw Crusher
Model Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PE200×350 200×350 170 20-50 2-6 220 6-7.5 Y160M-6/7.5
PE250×400 250×400 210 20-60 5-20 310 6-15 Y180L-6/15 1450×1315×1296
PE250×750 250×750 210 20-60 8-22 320 6-30 Y225M-6/30
PE500×750 500×750 425 50-100 45-100 275 6-55 Y280M-6/55 1890×1916×1870
PE600×900 600×900 500 65-160 70-120 250 6-75 Y315S-6/75 2520×1840×2303
PE750×1060 750×1060 630 80-140 130-260 250 8-90 Y315L1-8/90 2620×2302×3110
PE900×1200 900×1200 750 95-165 220-380 200 8-130 JR127-8/130 3789×2826×3025
PE1000×1200 1000×1200 850 195-265 230-380 200 8-130 JR127-8/130 3889×2826×3025
PE1200×1500 1200×1500 1020 150-300 400-800 220 8-200 YR355M4-8/200 4930×3150×3700

[size]: 425-1020mm feed
[Production capacity]: 45-800T/h
[applications]:Medium size mine, metallurgy, building, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, all kinds of ores and bulk materials broken (more applications please click on the "free advice")

Working principle

This series of crusher working methods for the curved extrusion type, its working principle is: the motor drive belt and pulley, the eccentric shaft to make the moving jaw moves up and down, when the movable jaw rises elbow plate and the movable jaw angle become larger, which pushes the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, at the same time the material is crushed or hack, achieve the aim of breaking; when the movable jaw comes down, elbow plate and the movable jaw angle becomes small, the movable jaw plate in the bar, under the function of spring, leaves the fixed jaw plate, then the cracked material from the crushing cavity outlet. With the continuous rotation of the motor and the crusher jaw make periodic motion crush and discharge material, realize batch production.